Plunging into the past without a systematic way is ironically a good way to identify patterns.  For instance, I’ve realized that I jump into the “unknown” every decade.

The scenario:  I am in a fairly secure “normal” job and then proceed to take a running leap off of a springboard into the wilds of life.  Usually with a plan 1/2 baked.  Sometimes there’s a job or sometimes there is place to live.  Rarely, is there both before I jump.

The lesson:  My landings have neither been horrendous or smooth.  They are usually a little bumpy with bruises, but nothing that a small Band-Aid and TLC can’t heal.  And resulting from all of the tumbles is a stronger person.

The step-up:  As I reflected on my college years, 20s, and 30s,  those scrapes seemed like the biggest wound, but once it healed I became more confident, knowledgeable, or financially independent.

What about my 40s?


(I think I already know the answer – jumping into the Grand Adventure.)

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