Diving into my Journey

When I attempted to review my journals before, I was quite methodical…and short lived.  For this quest, I am diving in randomly.  I am looking for a needle in a haystack, my life’s purpose amidst a plethora of bound journals.  Will I find my answer?  Yes.  It might not be in the words themselves, but it could be in a triggered memory or a thought that lights up while I’m typing away on my candle light backyard.

20150806_212617431_iOS - Copy - Copy


All I know is that I need to be disciplined enough to move forward on this journey and really dive deeply to find my buried treasure.  I’m not trying to be arrogant or elitist, but I am too smart not to figure this out.

Since, it mattered to decide what you were going to do with your life, I have been trying to solve my life-question.  And it has been nagging at me and definitely a constant theme in my writing.  I know that I have distracted my attention to focus on the issues of others instead of paying attention to truly discovering how I am going to illuminate myself to the world.  This journey is not about satisfying my undying curiosity of who I will be when I grow up, but adding to the joy of the world the gifts I have to offer.

There is romantic love, sorrow, surprise, humor and joy in my story. Let me introduce you to some of the players, influencers, mentors and lovers.  Here we go…

Bon Voyage J’s Journey!

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